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Branik is modern home decor with an ancient soul, featuring one-of-a-kind homewares made of natural stone. Combining luxurious materials from all over the world with timeless design and real functionality, all Branik pieces are individually designed and created in our Warsaw atelier. From serving trays and display bowls to incense holders and vases, each Branik object is a beautiful and useful distillation of the features inherent to stone. Working in marble, travertine, onyx, quartzite, and other noble materials, we typically combine separate pieces of one stone type or of several into more than the sum of the parts. 

Our brand purpose is to celebrate the satisfying density and remarkable beauty of natural stone. By selecting the ideal stone slabs, applying the perfect cuts, and featuring layering and intarsia, we allow the light to reveal the material’s essence. Whether as a gift for the one who has everything or as a family treasure for the generations, Branik translates the perfect solidity of natural rock into functional objects that bring joy and embody harmony.

Branik has been featured in Vogue Poland, House & Garden UK, the Hamptons magazine, and the interior design of the Maybourne Beverly Hills hotel.



Branik Delight is a family business founded in 2020 by acclaimed Polish architect and interior designer Agata Knorowska, a Warsaw Academy of Arts graduate. Our speciality is creating vases, trays, bowls, candleholders, and other items out of natural stone using both modern and ancient stoneworking techniques. We make every item ourselves in our Warsaw studio, using a waterjet machine to cut the stone and often combining different types of stone before polishing each piece to achieve the finish that best fits the function of the object and most enhances the natural features of the stone.

Recognizing the value and scarcity of a luxury medium formed millions of years ago, we practice responsible sourcing and cutting of stone. We work in marble, onyx, travertine, quartzite, and other luxurious rocks, which we source from all over the world, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iran, Pakistan, and Brazil. Envisioning how each individual stone slab will be used is a major part of our less-waste design process, which includes consideration for both functionality and appearance. We eagerly utilise both materials reclaimed from damaged antiques and stone fragments left over from the cutting process. Because our designs feature intricate intarsia inlays, we are able to use even very small pieces in true zero-waste spirit. We also want our designs to last indefinitely, so currently we are launching an aftercare programme for our customers. If your Branik piece needs refinishing, we’ve got you covered.



Branik was the distinctive-sounding maiden surname of the founder’s great-grandmother, Zofia. Born at the turn of the 20th century in Odessa and later raised in Poland, Zofia endured the hardships that spared no one in her generation, yet she never forgot how to create beauty out of what’s available and find joy in the little things. Stories of Grandma Zofia appreciating nature, blessing the weather, and filling her home with beauty were part of the family legacy for as long as Knorowska can remember. When it came to naming her business, a tribute to Zofia seemed like the perfect way to harness the spirit of resilience and optimism for the brand and the company.

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